For us at dm-drogerie markt, “we” is of the greatest importance. The "we" are 41,000 people across Germany. As unique as each of us is, we all have one thing in common: We act in the interests of people. We are committed to this, contribute our personality and our ideas, question the “now” and shape the “tomorrow”. All together, with confidence in ourselves and everyone else. We network our competencies, personalities and perspectives in order to both the way we work and to further develop our products and services. This is how we make working and shopping at dm something special and inspire people. With freedom, personal responsibility and initiative, we work together on an equal footing and grow in the community. In the dm market, in the headquarters and the distribution centers as well as at our IT subsidiary dmTECH. For us, that means working differently. In addition, it goes without saying that we offer young people career prospects. That is why we offer numerous apprenticeship / study positions every year, such as apprenticeship as a druggist with a special training concept. Do you feel like doing things differently and perhaps in an unconventional way? Do you question, think ahead and dare to try new things? Do you search for and find solutions with creativity, empathy and personal responsibility? Does this apply to you? We should get to know each other! Because we at dm are always on the lookout for people who, together with us, would like to look at the world of retail anew and make it better. To make it easier to read, we have chosen the masculine notation. The content shown is aimed at all genders at the same time. With us, every person is equally welcome and shapes our working group with their individuality.