Hamburg elevated railway

Diverse. Busy. Much moving. Nice that you stop here! We are also happy to hold for you. At more than 1,500 stops. A lot comes together: over 1,000 kilometers of route network. That's further than from the Elphi to the Louvre in Paris. But instead of driving through world history, we'd much rather drive through Hamburg. Are daily companions, but also pioneers by advancing the network expansion. Sure, you need a lot of good people for so much distance. We employ over 6,300. Makes 60 full articulated buses HOCHBAHN crew. A great contingent for a great mission. Incidentally, the majority of the HOCHBAHN team (more than 4,000 colleagues) is right at the front of our vehicles and keeps Hamburg in (bus and underground) lanes every day. Our second largest job track with almost 1. 000 employees is the HOCHBAHN technical department. And our little one? The four-person board of directors. Together with many other teams, this makes a strong and, above all, colorful mix. With different qualifications. And from different nations. A total of 67 work together under the HOCHBAHN flag: from Afghan to Venezuelan. We are many. And willingly become more and more. Discover our variety of jobs now!