Research Data Engineer (m/f)

  • Mimi Hearing Technologies GmbH
  • Berlin, Germany
  • 23/05/2018
Full time Data Engineering

Job Description

At Mimi, one of our core goals is to increase awareness of hearing health. In doing so we actively prevent hearing damage occurring in the first place, and increase the uptake of assistive listening solutions for those who need it.

Our smartphone applications have been downloaded over a million times, and generate vast amounts of valuable data on hearing. This data is core to driving the products and services we offer at Mimi, but equally this data is extremely valuable to our academic and industrial partners.

As a Research Data Engineer (m/f) at Mimi, you will primarily work on supplying reusable API endpoints that enable views on transformations of our database that meet the needs of research within Mimi. You will work closely with the research-product manager to ensure these APIs meet the requirements of external research partners.  . You will furthermore work on software including preset modification tooling, and tools for running our own internal psychoacoustics and preference studies.

What you will do:

  • Design chainable APIs that give rapid access to various transformations of our main user profile database, facilitating research team members to build their own dashboards and tools that utilise our data
  • Design and produce plots and visualisations of certain analyses that best communicate valuable data  insights when requested
  • Build software tools, setup and maintain hardware for psycho-acoustic user research
  • Support maintenance of Mimi's research database containing data from both external users as well as internal studies
  • Build interfaces for storing and retrieving scientific data to be used both internally as well as by external partners
  • Run scientific data analyses and visualisation for the research team as well as other company departments

You will enjoy:

  • Freedom in determining technologies and methods

What you bring to the table:

  • (Master's or Doctoral) Degree in acoustics, signal processing, computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics or natural sciences
  • Proven experience in data wrangling / statistics
  • Knowledge of API design, data reduction, and experience in testing / maintenance of RESTful endpoints
  • Experience with API design and documentation tools such as RAML
  • Experience in building software tools for scientific research
  • Knowledge of database technologies, and some knowledge of front-end web development technologies
  • Solid knowledge and experience in analysis and visualisation of scientific data
  • Foundational knowledge in sound generation, signal processing
  • Genuine interest in sound and hearing
  • Strong documentation skills

What we offer:

  • The opportunity to make an impact on an untapped market and contribute to the development of a truly innovative product and company
  • An entrepreneurial experience in a young, fast moving startup located in the heart of trendy Berlin-Mitte
  • Full responsibility and autonomy over your own projects in our innovative organizational system Holacracy
  • A welcoming work culture which nourishes personal growth as the base for company growth
  • A team of people who start doing things, fail and learn fast in order to keep moving instead of waiting and drafting the perfect solutions
  • A top calibre diverse international team
  • Competitive compensation packages

This can be your workplace:

As a pioneer in audio personalization, Mimi is developing a data driven experience that tests your ears, protects your ears, and adjusts sound to your ears.

The Mimi team is a diverse group of innovators with strong expertise in audio engineering, product development, business design, and communications. The origins of our team are deeply rooted in acoustic science. Our Hearing Test is the most accurate hearing test app in the App Store while Mimi Music is revolutionizing the way people listen to music. Our vision is to set a new standard for personalized sound.

Joining Mimi means you‘ll get the chance to help shape a truly innovative product in a budding market. As we’re still a young and small team of 40 people, your input will surely make an impact. Our company is self-organized through Holacracy which means clear structures and processes, high transparency, and distributed authority.