Data Science Intern for Autonomous Driving Point Cloud Processing

  • Teraki
  • Berlin, Germany
  • 04/10/2019
Full time Data Science Data Analytics Big Data Statistics

Job Description

Autonomous driving (AD) is an active field of research for all major car manufacturers. To drive by themselves, cars are equipped with various type of sensors that try to "see" the world around them. The huge amount of data streaming from these sensors needs to be analyzed and interpreted like a human in real-time. For example:

  • Here's a red light I need to stop.
  • There's an obstacle in front of the car I should go around it.
  • I've seen this building before I must have went in a circle.

To accomplish this, we need smart and efficient algorithms that run either in the car itself (edge computing) or on a more powerful server in the cloud (cloud computing). However, since the amount of data being generated is too large to be handled completely in the car, we need to get some of that data to the cloud, where we have more computational resources. Unfortunately, even with the upcoming 5G technology, the amount of sensor data being generated is too large and requires compression. That's where Teraki comes in ...

Teraki is the leader in compression and edge-based data analytics for the three primary types of data used in AD:

  • telematics (e.g. location, speed, acceleration, motor state, etc.)
  • video (cameras)
  • point clouds (generally generated from LiDAR, Radar, and Time-of-Flight cameras)

We are looking for a Data Science Intern in the culturally-diverse Berlin-based office, where English is the working language. The internship is a full time job with a contract of six months. You will be working on the point cloud research team, developing real-time point cloud processing algorithms and software, such as data segmentation (object detection and labelling). As part of the recruitment process, please expect a C++/CMake take-home test related to point clouds.

The position we offer gives you a chance to:

  • actively contribute to the new mobility revolution: the emergence of novel data-driven automotive platforms
  • increase your technical know-how in very hot topics in AD
  • see how research and development works in industry
  • work in a vibrant startup environment and share insights within an international team
  • work on your own self-contained project
  • be mentored closely by three senior point cloud data scientists
  • learn about point clouds, which are used for autonomous driving, drones, or industrial robotics.

Your background:

  • Student or recent graduate in a STEM subject
  • Above-average C++ and familiarity with Python
  • Familiarity with Linux, CMake
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Highly-motivated
  • Quick learner
  • Ability to work in a team

More info about Teraki:

  • Teraki is 4 years old and well-funded, with 5 million euros received so far:
  • Teraki explains why edge computing is critical for AD:
  • Teraki is the leader in efficient edge computing, for both compression and analysis:
  • Teraki is the leader in point cloud compression: