Technology Director (Software Development / Data)

  • on the roof, Mainkurstraße, Frankfurt, Germany
  • 19/10/2019
Full time Data Science Big Data Statistics Software Engineering

Job Description

IQVIA ™ is the leading human data science company focused on helping healthcare clients unparalleled insights and better solutions for patients. Formed through the merger of IMS Health and Quintiles, IQVIA offers a broad range of solutions that harness the power of healthcare data, domain expertise, transformative technology, and advanced analytics to drive healthcare forward.

IQVIA ( is the world's leading company providing information, technology, and services for virtually every type of stakeholder in healthcare. Every day, IQVIA innovates on a large scale. We have been the big data company in healthcare before the "Big Data" term was defined. Since 1954, we have been involved in the organization of business and scientific research. We develop and operate systems using large data technologies on our private-public hybrid cloud. IQVIA stores and computers more than 20 petabytes of complex healthcare data on diseases, treatments, costs and outcomes. Our big data infrastructure is over 70 billion records annually. IQVIA employs over 65, 000 professionals in more than 5,000 healthcare clients globally. IQVIA is a company listed (NYSE - Q) with a market cap of over $ 30B.

The Central / East / South Europe (CESE) Technology Director is a dynamic leader in software development of our next generation regional data offerings. The successful candidate wants to have a unique blend of computer science and formal education, hands-on software development experience, business acumen, large program management (budget, scope, timelines), people management and leadership, technology vision (especially in big data technologies or large platforms), and proven ability to execute short-term operational tasks while implementing a long-term vision. The candidate is looking for a startup and the knowledge and discipline of large companies with established operations. Given our large global scale with operations in more than 100 countries, complexity and geographical distribution of the development team, diverse technology base, and our leadership position in the market, which demands constant innovation, this is a position that wants to provide more than a fair share of challenges. The successful candidate is an experienced, structured, and technical savvy software development manager. This is a unique opportunity for a "techy" with the drive and passion to lead high performance team to have an impact on the market (not just in the technology world).

Job Description

The Technology Director provides the main interface between the development organization and the CESE business unit. This position is responsible for developing all software and systems required by the business unit. The Technology Director leads a team of contractors responsible for definition and analysis; system design and architecture; level of effort, scope, and timeline estimates; developing or integrating software components; testing; and deployment of final systems. This position aims to identify, train, and manage the staff and / or contractors to meet our performance, cost, timeline, and business objectives. The Technology Director wants to build a high-performance technology team, attract and retain talent, and motivate people to follow our strategic plans while working on daily projects. The Technology Director defines (and defends for budget funding) region specific technology roadmap initiatives (all proposed systems and components). The Technology Director is in charge of developing a technology vision for the spoke system, translating it into a road map. Our company leads the marketplace by leveraging global capabilities. The Technology Director wants to design and promote the global platforms at the same time. Software engineering expertise and discipline and customer focus are core values ​​for System Development at IQVIA.

At the beginning of the budget planning cycle, the technology director wants to define the portfolio based on requests from the business unit, existing or potential available technology, and estimated team development velocity. Following initial planning, the Technology Director oversees the execution of all business and a technology vision. The Technology Director builds an execution plan that blends work on business with immediate effect against long-term initiatives and then oversees the execution of the plan. The position provides architecture, design, and execution leadership and conflict resolution. The Technology Director interfaces at the same time with business leaders, developers, operations (the group responsible for operating the software developed by the group), and infrastructure (the group responsible for deploying and operating the hardware and networks). The Technology Director wants to identify and create process and discipline where needed or to simplify and / or remove non-value generated process where it hinders our operations.


  • Provide long-term vision and short to mid-term implementation roadmap and technology solutions for the business unit systems. Make strategic decision about when and what global components to use or develop.
  • Managing the staff and contractors working for the business unit projects, building a high-performance team, motivate and get employees' buy-in for daily operations and long-term vision
  • Define, defend, and manage the business opportunities
  • Manage end-to-end SDLC (from proposal for funding and scope of requirements and development, deployment and finally transition to production and software maintenance) of all components and projects. Quality and production-grade development are critical measures of success.
  • Lead the design and architecture of systems, components and interfaces including data modeling, database management systems, middleware and other processing systems, business intelligence and user interface / experience, computing hardware and storage, network and all other technology facets
  • Manage overall assignment and tradeoffs for resources across multiple streams of work
  • Manage or define new policies, processes, and procedures for software development and interfaces with other teams throughout the life-cycle (from initial deployment to software updates and maintenance during operations)
  • Management coordination, assignment of responsibilities, and conflict resolution within the team and with peer-level teams (other development teams).

Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science.
  • Extensive experience in software development including hands-on coding, software development or architecture team lead.
  • Experience in a senior management position.
  • Ability to deep-dive in design, architecture and implementation (code level if needed).
  • Experience with multi-tenant, massively parallel processing, auto-scaling and redundant platforms.
  • Experience with big data and distributed processing technologies.
  • Experience managing projects with over $ 1M budget.
  • Proven ability as people manager and proven leadership in software development.
  • Proven ability to execute - get things done under multiple constraints.
  • Proven conflict resolution skills with direct reports and at peer level.


  • 15-25%, 6-8 times a year, mostly EU, occasionally outside EU
  • This role can be based out of the following cities - Frankfurt, Milan, Warsaw, Madrid

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