Data Engineer (m/w/d)

  • Köln, Germany
  • 18/05/2020
Full time Data Science Data Engineering Big Data Statistics

Job Description

Industrial machinery is utilized only 30-40% on average and when being used 5-10% is scrap production thus wasting resources, energy and time. We aim to change that by bringing data-driven technologies to the shop floors of the world, reducing industrial waste, improving production quality, enhancing machine utilization and automating machine operation.

One of the main motivations for us to start ENLYZE was to build a company we all enjoy working for, take ownership and have an inclusive culture valuing open communication, collaboration across all fields, personal growth, and creativity to solve challenging problems (we’re not perfect, but aspire to become all the time).


Manufacturing is one of the last sectors without truly digital and automatized operations. A lack of data accessibility is the key obstacle to the adoption of new technologies in manufacturing. As we have developed technology to tackle these issues, we at ENLYZE are at the frontier of a changing industrial landscape, capturing real-time manufacturing data in a structured way from an increasing amount of different PLC manufacturers.

Enriching, processing and analyzing such data streams in a near-realtime manner has been and continues to be one of the most interesting challenges. Joining our tech team, you will continue to work on our existing streaming pipeline and start building additional services to deliver a seamless interface for the data science team and automate critical processes.


  • First and foremost: are passionate about (building) tech and of course beautiful user-centric frontends
  • have experience in building ETL and streaming jobs out in the wild; preferably with Apache Beam (Java and Python SDK)
  • maybe also worked on the storage side of things and worked on large wide-column data stores such as Apache HBase, BigTable or Cassandra
  • also enjoy the web side of things, as your pipelines used to rely on internal services, which you helped build/maintain
  • know git by heart and have no fear of development flows with it
  • know how to discuss and describe technical/architectural problems and always come up with ideas on how to tackle them
  • have a high appreciation for clean architecture and clean code
  • have some (pet) projects to review
  • already went through the life cycle of any relevant project twice (ideation, build, deploy, maintain, evolve)


  • to become part of changing the way humankind manufactures
  • a fast-paced environment with meaningful work
  • working together with a curious, talented and open-minded team where your ideas matter over job titles
  • learning and growing together, which means time and budget for professional development such as attending conferences, access to online courses, books etc.
  • a feedback-seeking culture that fuels personal growth
  • a stake in ENLYZE through ESOP, we find it important that everyone of us has a real share of the company
  • free choice of hardware and OS, we believe you know best what you need to perform best
  • flexible working hours as well as home office
  • a creative working environment in the heart of Cologne-Ehrenfeld
  • regular team events like bouldering, badminton or just going out for a meal

We are looking forward to hearing from you : )

A few impressions from our colleagues:
“It’s fun to work in a modern environment, redefining an existing industry and using modern tools and technology on a daily basis. I enjoy shaping and impacting ENLYZE and getting involved with tasks outside of my area, thus expanding my understanding of our product and advancing my own expertise. Working at ENLYZE is special to me as I experience the culture to be very open and inclusive and I feel fully integrated although I am working remotely.”

Erika, product design

“All of us take ownership for their work and always strive to deliver the best results possible. This makes it fun to work here because everyone cares about what they are doing while I can also see my personal impact on ENLYZE every day. Also, I really like the open and constructive communication. People here not only care about their work, but they also care about each other and listen to what is going on to improve themselves, as a team and as a company.”

Daniel, embedded software and backend engineer

“I like the freedom that I have within my area and I always get excited when my creative solutions are actually being built into the product. And then there is the interdisciplinary collaboration we need to build our complex product, spanning technology from hardware to the cloud, so I can be sure there’s always something that challenges me every day.”

Reinhard, hardware engineer