Data Engineer/Analyst

  • Crytek
  • 60386 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • 30/03/2021
Full time Data Science Data Engineering Data Analytics Big Data Data Management Statistics

Job Description

Frankfurt, Germany Design / ContentWe are happy to introduce a new position as a full-time Data Engineer/ Data Analyst (non-relational) on the role of Quantitative UX Researcher at Crytek (Frankfurt am Main). You will be a core member of the UXR Team, working closely with other researchers, designers and engineering fellows in the Product Department, helping us bring the voice of the user into our project: taking CryEngine to the next level!
We are looking for a very motivated, experienced, resourceful and deep data expert, enthusiast about non-relational data bases and distributed systems (strategy moves along Mongo DB philosophies), API connections, KPIs analysis, and that has the ability to innovate, experiment and visualize user-centered knowledge, leaning and working in a truly collaborative, generative, and fast-paced research environment. This is an ideal opportunity for a person who feels passionate when taking on a challenge at scales that have actual impact on real products, as well as for other teammates to work better together, communicating valuable information visually and assertively.

This role offers you the opportunity to create the infrastructure for user-sourced data tracking and management, getting deep into how users behave within CryEngine as a tool, and setting up the first steps into Product Intelligence for one of the three historical game engines. With significant and valuable information, we will make users' needs, preferences, concerns and expectations the center of our product and future work.


  • User Behavioral Tracking (Automated) — You will co-design and help researchers and engineers to implement the system for tracking users' behavior within CryEngine. You are expected to have knowledge on how to plan, design and execute research relating task-driven usability data, gathering information on users' performance and experience issues via inner behavioral detectors guided by specific usability rates and journey maps your fellow researchers will help build, further on being able to analyze and showcase results and interpretations, and to evaluate the impact of your work.
  • Manage and present data visualizations through autonomous and crafted/tailored dashboards, cooperating with different stakeholders and helping them to better decide and work, based on users' practices and preferences.
  • Network & Media Open Mining for competitive benchmarking, gathering niche-specific information via open source collection of value data, leading to opportunities and alternatives evaluation on the engine's new features.
  • Collaborate in the creation of the data bases and dashboards infrastructure, gathering and presenting information for further analyses summarizing data flows from multiple sources (from internal websites, external networks, to different departments data bases).
  • Innovate applying new and ad hoc techniques, algorithms (descriptive and predictive methods), showing yourself resourceful when designing concrete systems to measure user data in different terms: ranging from user performance tracking, profiling of different user pools and experience groups, to preferences benchmarking.


  • Willing to relocate to Frankfurt am Main area, Germany.
  • 2-3 years of experience in data engineering, data analysis, software development, quantitative research, statistics, data science or similar positions.
  • Master Degree within a relevant background in Software/ Data Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Economics or similar area.
  • Experience with non-relational data bases management, APIs connections from source, distributed software development, data visualization, information automation, data tracking, network open data mining.
  • Experience with common tools and approaches: Mongo DB, Kibana, Tableau, PowerBi, Spark, SQL and No-SQL storage, Excel, plotting / visualization tools for R or Python, Matplotlib, Jupiter, NLTK collection tools.
  • You are expected to handle remote work communication tools (Zoom, Jira, M Teams, Notion, Outlook...).
  • Exceptional verbal and written English skills. Mental fluency at interviews and expressive agility when presenting results to stakeholders or procuring documentation is a must.
  • You have developed dexterity with most of the commonly required tools and methodologies applicable to create valuable knowledge from raw data sets.
  • Pragmatic mindset, synthesis skills, innovative and disruptive thinking.
  • You operate data like a fullstack: you control or at least communicate with colleagues understanding data analysis, data science and data engineering possibilities and limits.
  • You have grown deep social skills, showcasing your ability to work within a team cooperating with other professional profiles: you work flexibly, collaboratively, transparently, orderly and empathetically.
  • You are able to observe, listen and understand different kinds of personalities, needs, subtle situations and interaction issues.
  • Autonomy: you are well able to manage your schedule and workloads.
  • You are a Helper: you always try to facilitate a happy environment, you are aware of what your work fellows are doing, and what are their problems in order to help them get things done.
  • You are a Serious Solver: you are methodical and want projects to develop correctly and effectively, you double-check what you do, and try others to validate collective work.
  • You are comfortable with complexity, enjoying the unfolding of loads of texture to finally identify specific problems, solutions and effective alternatives.


  • Experience in several industry fields (Games, EdTech, Retail, Gamification, Service Design, FinTech...) and diversity of projects, showcasing you can glide through a wide range of interests and different company needs and profiles.
  • Experience with User Research.
  • Experience with Platform / Tools Assessment.
  • Profiles prone to Profiling Psychology, NLP, Blockchain Tech, AI Tech, and Automated Statistics.
  • The company language is English. Other languages are a plus.

What you can expect from us

  • A refreshing and fun yet highly professional atmosphere in a diverse team.
  • Flexible work time.
  • Free public transportation ticket, which lets you use public transport free of charge 24/7.
  • Free German lessons
  • Company language is English. Any additional language is a plus, but not a requirement.
  • Extensive assistance with getting visa, work permits and communication with local authorities.
  • Relocation support.