IPAXX AG owes its great success to its unique employees. They bring the company forward. They solve the problems of the customers. They make IT projects a success. Creative minds, analytical thinkers, competent creators and passionate perfectionists - they are all welcome to iPAXX AG. After all, the goals of our customers can only be achieved with a team that breaks new ground, drives things forward with determination, and satisfies itself only with the best possible solution.

IPAXX AG Deutschland
Full time
zur Verstärkung unseres Kunden-Teams sind wir auf der Suche nach mehreren Data Center Preparation Team Analysten (m/w) Aufgaben: Discover and Assestment of Local Market Data Centres Infrastructure, Applications and Interfaces. Assestment of the Application Dependencies and Workloads. Building of Application Waves and Transition Plan. Documentation and Handover to the Migration Team A senior analyst/junior architect with experience in assessing applications for datacentre migrations with complex legacy and modern application architectures essential A proactive individual who will focus on getting the right answer, rather than getting the answer right (i.e. someone who would rather ask for guidance than risk making a wrong decision) This is a client-side engagement role, so the individual will need customer facing communication skills, with the ability to proactively engage stakeholders to understand requirements and constraints build consensus for the solution In addition, they need to be able to challenge customer ideas in a professional and constructive manner, to help ensure the best outcome for the customer project. Skills: Englisch fließend ist Voraussetzung (Projektsprache Englisch) Reisen innerhalb Europa je nach Rolle notwendig