We all want to be safe, ecologically sustainable and comfortable in the car: IAV is one of the leading international engineering partners for more than 30 years makes important contributions. In addition to ideas and solutions, we deliver one thing above all else: added value - for you, our customers.

Full time
IAV 38518 Gifhorn, Germany
This challenge awaits you: Artificial intelligence is on its way to becoming the world's leading technology. However, it brings with it the major challenge of data protection. IAV has set itself the goal of incorporating AI into its latest developments while safeguarding user privacy and data protection. This applies in particular to training data provided by our customers that contains personal or sensitive information. Your Tasks: You work with advanced algorithms in an emerging field, eg NLP, AWS You will conduct a literature review on current scientific results to identify technological gaps and help to close them through technical conceptualization, design and implementation of a prototype You will work with both open source and internal datasets Necessary Skills: Ongoing Master's degree in computer science, data science or a similar program. Good knowledge of at least one programming language, preferably Python Practical experience with...