Fidor Solutions AG

The name Fidor derives from the Latin word for trust. We created Fidor Bank, a digital-only bank based around community forums, in the midst of the banking crisis. Why? More open and transparent banking was sorely needed.

Our strategy had technology at its core, and we bet on APIs from the start. When we designed fidorOS – a cutting-edge digital platform using open APIs – it quickly set the pattern for the next generation of banking.

We take pride in staying at the forefront of digital innovation, and partner with banks and consumer organizations that share our vision of giving consumers a more relevant and rewarding banking experience.

Fidor Solutions focuses on providing solutions. Our unique offering combines banking expertise with consulting services that guide you from designing your digital bank concept to helping you recruit your first 1,000 customers to providing our technology to efficiently run your bank.

We help existing financial, retail and telecom institutions – as well as startup banks –bring digital technology to the heart of their businesses.