Goodlive GmbH

Goodlive! Our company name says it all. When it comes to live events that make you feel right at home, we mean business: once a year, we turn a former surface mine into a futuristic festival landscape (Melt); we kept on believing in hip hop even when its second wave in Germany was still far from becoming a reality (splash!); we turned the historical Tempelhof Airport into a festival arena when no one else dared to (Berlin Festival); and we turned Berlin’s Treptower Park into one of Germany’s biggest festival sites (Lollapalooza) – leaving no speck of dust behind, of course. We book established top acts and the next generation of up-and-comers; we send The xx on tour, and, at the same time, have an eye on fresh new talents like LGoony. You haven’t heard of him? Then go and ask your daughters!