stenon GmbH

stenon offers the world's first real-time soil analysis solution for agriculture.

We are solving a major and global problem in agriculture and society. We provide the necessary data for cultivation.

stenon GmbH Potsdam, Germany
Full time
An integral part of machine learning is creating and maintaining a database of clean and labeled data instances that significantly impact model predictions and, in general, model performance. As a Data Science/Data Analysis intern, you would work with a highly motivated team of data scientists. Tasks Labeling data instances Statistical analysis of labels Application of machine learning methods to cluster labels and improve further the labeling process Evaluation of model performance with respect to the data labels Creating visualizations for long term monitoring of data health Research for related projects Presentation of your results/findings to the team In case you are interested in completing your internship with a master thesis, supporting you with formulating a project description would also be possible. Requirements Master’s degree student of Computer Science, Mathematics, Bioinformatics, Statistics, Physics, Environmental Sciences or related...