The automobile industry has arrived at a crossroads. The transition to electric vehicles (EV) and the vitalized development of fully-autonomous vehicles (AV) has placed a big burden on fitting extraordinary amounts of computational power for artificial intelligence within the energy budget of batteries without affecting range. While battery technology is improving slowly, advances in compute efficiency have stalled as mere Moore's Law scaling of computational architectures from the past are nearly at an end

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Recogni München, Germany
Senior Software Engineer Our Company Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming our world.   It can perform cognitive functions that previously only humans could do, such as perceiving interactions across different environments with the ability to quickly learn and then solve complex problems.   At Recogni we have innovative approaches to machine learning, high-resolution imaging, perception processing, and high-performance computation with industry-leading low-power efficiency.   We're a well-funded, fast-paced startup company with headquarters in San Jose, CA, and Munich, Germany;   we also have many talented team members working remotely.   We're at the leading edge of advancing the latest research and product improvements for AI inference solutions that will make AI even more useful for compelling new applications. About the Role To keep pace in this exciting, multi-disciplinary field, we're looking for a skilled software engineer to join our team in...