The automobile industry has arrived at a crossroads. The transition to electric vehicles (EV) and the vitalized development of fully-autonomous vehicles (AV) has placed a big burden on fitting extraordinary amounts of computational power for artificial intelligence within the energy budget of batteries without affecting range. While battery technology is improving slowly, advances in compute efficiency have stalled as mere Moore's Law scaling of computational architectures from the past are nearly at an end

Recogni München, Germany
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About Recogni Recogni’s mission is to design a vision-oriented artificial intelligence system from the ground up. The system will deliver unprecedented inference performance through novel edge processing, allowing vehicles to see farther and make driving decisions faster than humans while consuming minimal amounts of energy.Backed by GreatPoint Ventures, Toyota AI Ventures, BMW i Ventures and other leading VC partners, the company is headquartered in San Jose, California with additional operations in Munich, Germany. About the role Our technology thrives through the synergistic interplay of different disciplines involved in the realization of our product: hardware, silicon, embedded software, sensors, AI, computer vision. Most of the innovations represented in the more physical sides of our approach would not be effective without their AI-counterparts integrated into our training pipeline. Custom number systems, our proprietary compression schemes, sensor-related schemes,...