ANavS GmbH

Advanced Navigation Solutions – ANavS is located in Munich, i.e. a place with long tradition and history in science and innovation for satellite navigation. We are an international team of highly motivated engineers, and belong to the leading companies in the research and development of assistence systems with sensor fusion

ANavS GmbH München, Germany
Full time
Job advertisement Id   FT003   online since 01/2020 You develop computer vision and deep learning approaches for processing camera and LiDAR sensor data to perform visual/ LiDAR odometry and SLAM. The computer vision based pose measurements shall support and be integrated into the ANavS sensor fusion framework for precise position and attitude determination. Alongside the focus on precise positioning, the precise mapping and the interpretation of the environment are in focus as well. You will explore and develop machine learning and state-of-the-art deep learning techniques not only for processing camera and LiDAR data, but also for performing monitoring of sensor inputs, filter states and (intermediate) outputs of the sensor fusion framework. Your tasks: Development of computer vision and machine learning/ deep learning approaches to perform visual/ LiDAR odometry and SLAM from camera and LiDAR data and to perform analysis and interpretation of the environment...