INVENSITY is an international technology and innovation consulting company with offices in Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Munich, Detroit (USA), Manila (Philippines) and Barcelona (Spain). INVENSITY uses its Academy and Innovation Center to provide an ongoing outstanding level of service to renowned companies in the field of research and development. High-quality training and one-on-one mentoring build the knowledge, talent and skills of INVENSITY’s employees, enabling them to develop approaches to their work and competencies that can be applied across the range of projects undertaken in the company’s departments

Full time
INVENSITY GmbH 65185 Wiesbaden, Germany
Job Description employment type full time Full job description Possible roles and tasks Analyze and model physical systems for our customers as a   data modeling expert   and find mathematical solutions that describe them and allow predictions Develop efficient algorithms to solve complex problems in the field of measurement technology as a   data scientist   and analyze image data with image recognition algorithms As a data engineer   , implement   applications with innovative data evaluation that allow precise and fast calibration of high-precision measuring systems As a   Software Architect   Metrology, design software architectures and complete tool landscapes in metrology Work in ambitious and professional teams and prove your technical know-how as well as your teamwork and communication skills profile You have successfully completed a degree in physics, mathematics, mechatronics, computer science, electrical engineering...