Valeo Friction Materials is known for its unique water-based process for manufacturing environment-friendly clutch facings. Valeo’s G5 clutch facings – the first green clutch facings – help OEMs promote the cause of clean mobility. Our products are free from asbestos, lead, organic solvents, aramid and ceramic fibres and comply with stringent European regulations. As a technology-oriented company, we devise systems and solutions that enhance driving comfort, boost vehicular longevity and reduce emissions. Using advanced IT tools, we continue our research endeavours to make vehicles lighter and increasingly fuel-efficient

Valeo Friedrichsdorf, Germany
Full time
At the Friedrichsdorf site, Valeo Telematik und Akustik GmbH develops and manufactures innovative power electronics for intelligent telematics, in order to network telecommunications, navigation, positioning and information technology and to increase driving comfort and traffic safety. In order to advance our further development, we are looking for you to join our team of experts at the next possible date. These challenges await you For the SW delivery platform: Administration of the relevant SW projects: user management ticket configuration document management support etc. General user support Collection and reporting of issues back to the central development team Collection and reporting of required changes back to the central development team Management of the data exchange with the customer platforms Providing trainings to the new users For configuration and change management: Supporting in the creation of the relevant processes for the relevant...