Lindera is first in digitalizing motion analysis, to offer an objective, systematic and mass ready tool. With AI, we have managed to capture and calculate a 3D picture of movement with a normal smartphone camera. The technology is mainly used in geriatric medicine to prevent seniors from falling and to connect the care team through data science. Falls strain health care systems around the world and while fall prevention is mandatory and helps to reduce more than 36% of fall related costs, it has historically been based on less reliable subjective assessments

Lindera Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
Full time
Our vision? To set world wide standards in Mobility Assessment and Mobility Decision Intelligence. As a tech start-up, Lindera develops AI solutions for the health sector. We specialise in AI-based motion analysis, through a simple smart phone camera. For the first time in history, this is possible via an app, without any additional sensors or hardware. With our technology we have digitalised geriatric and orthopedic assessments worldwide, our precision of measurement even beats the existing gold standard in science. Lindera's products support care systems worldwide by reducing falls and by designing recovery plans after common operations such as hip or knee replacements. We are a passionate team of over 40 data scientists, engineers, psychologists and health care professionals. We're proud of what we have achieved so far and are excited to work every day on reshaping the health care industry. Are you ready to join us on that journey? The Position Managing projects...