GCP-Service International

GCP-Service is a privately owned full-service CRO. Since its foundation in 2004, the company has grown to a size that enables it to deliver all required services, while maintaining high flexibility and minimising overhead costs. This provides GCP-Service with the scope to conduct a wide variety of clinical studies, meeting the individual and specific needs of our clients. Mission: We are convinced that the multiple innovative processes as well as competence and continues development of our employees provide unique advantages during the conduct of clinical studies to our company, to our clients, to our partners and to our vendors. Our daily business is based on our company values: 1. Respect, acceptance and tolerance are the basis of a positive working environment 2. We think that trust builds sustainability, stability and creativity 3. We reach high grade of satisfaction by our flexibility 4. Reliability is the foundation of our service provisions 5. Fair and honest interaction are the basis of our interpersonal relationships 6. Continuous professional and personal development let us achieve and exceed expectations Our values are our strength which constitute the basis of our success and the success of our clients, partners and vendors. "We do not want to be the biggest CRO, but we want to be the best CRO, which provides the highest value to our clients! Our clients are organizations which believe that “people are working with people”, but not just “companies with companies”. (CEO, Dr Andreas Grund)