Machine Learning Reply

Machine Learning Reply is specialized in providing AI services and solutions to guide its customers towards digitalisation, helping them to become more competitive and data driven as a result of Smart Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The consultative approach, the functional expertise and the highly specialized technological components are the key enablers through which Machine Learning Reply builds a tailored proposal, to meet the needs of the market and the individual customer. The company operates in the main industries offering itself as a reference point in facing digital challenges. The collaboration with prestigious technological and institutional partners allows the company to remain aligned with the main sector trends and consequently offer products and services in line with the highest market standards

Full time
Machine Learning Reply 80636 München, Germany
Machine Learning Reply, with its sister company in Italy and over 8500 employees at Reply globally offers consulting and software implementation services with focus on innovative AI and ML topics like Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Time Series Analysis, Machine Learning Platforms and more. In our Unit Machine Learning Engineering we currently hire talents with Data Engineering and Cloud know-how who would like to develop not only PoCs but productive machine learning applications or platforms including automatic unit tests and end-to-end tests, automatic deployment pipelines, mechanisms for scaling in the cloud, monitoring solutions and operations support. We call this profile “Machine Learning Engineer”. You should love to see the ML algorithms working for millions of users, devices, sensors, etc., making the world a smarter, safer, more interesting, and/or more efficient place to live. Tasks: Developing and driving exciting solutions in the areas of data...