PERI is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of formwork and scaffold systems in the world. The family-owned company, with its headquarters in Weissenhorn (Germany), a workforce of 9,400 employees, more than 60 subsidiaries and well over 160 warehouse locations, provides its clients with innovative system equipment and comprehensive services relating to all aspects of formwork and scaffolding technology. A powerful innovative strength, the high level of engineering service expertise and top quality materials ensure cost-effective, efficient and safe solutions for formwork and scaffolding projects around the globe.

Full time
PERI Ulm, Germany
The subject of master data is becoming increasingly important in the context of digitization, which we are actively promoting.   We would therefore like to promote centralized control and governance of master data in the area of ​​production & supply chain. Your thesis deals with the analysis and recommendations for action for a master data governance structure for the area of ​​production & supply chain. These exciting topics are waiting for you to understand the topic of master data in the context of PERI in the area of ​​production & supply chain and to make it transparent the evaluation of the quality level of the currently available master data the development of possible gaps in the control of master data as well as the identification of problem areas the elaboration with recommendations for action for a control of master data, which contains centralized as well as decentralized elements Analysis of the current theoretical frameworks for master...