GWQ ServicePlus AG

With the Competition Strengthening Act of 2007, the central associations specific to the type of health insurance fund were abolished as public institutions. A group of successful medium-sized company health insurance funds saw this as an opportunity to further improve their good market position through the consistent use of the legal scope for selective contracts. In November 2007 they founded GWQ ServicePlus AG, which started operations in April 2008.

The GWQ thus became the entrepreneurial answer of its founders and owners to the constantly changing conditions of the healthcare market: The company develops its business goals in constant dialogue with the shareholders and can implement them faster and more efficiently than public ones thanks to its bundled market power thanks to its private-sector organizational structure legal system is possible.

The topic of discount agreements for generics was successfully dealt with by GWQ shortly after the company was founded. Since then, the business activities have been expanded significantly, supported by the growing demand also from new customers. Today, GWQ's range of services includes products and services in the areas of purchasing management, supply management, financial management and information management.