Pets Deli Tonius GmbH

Pets Deli® is one of the market leaders in the German D2C pet food market. Our vision "A better world for pet lovers" starts anew with every product. This path requires great ideas, pure passion and the best minds in their field. When it comes to pet lifestyle we don’t follow trends, we create them. The fundamental basis of our mission is to provide pet lovers with the highest possible quality pet food to support a healthy and fit life for their beloved pets. And whilst doing that we also strive to create services, additional products and offer professional advice that allows our customers to always choose the best products for your pet. Everything we do, we do with passion, grit and the drive to create a better world for pet lovers. How we continue to develop the most revolutionary pet food platform of our time? With you! Would you like to make your contribution in a dynamic start-up culture and move the world of our four-legged friends hands-on? Then you are just in the right place!