LIVV is a global developer of personalized homes powered by artificial intelligence. We are a technology company/home builder which brings you the next generation in smart homes. LIVV technology organically and transparently brings together everything necessary to your well-being, health, safety and energy efficiency – all embedded in beautiful, open floor plan homes, which redefine luxury modern living. LIVV homes adapt to your needs as they quickly learn from your unique lifestyle. From energy optimization which gives you a zero monthly power bill, to child safety and pet protection, health and allergy monitoring, we take smart homes to a whole other level. Our artificial intelligence brings you the perfect personalized home environment on weekdays, weekends and even when you are on vacation – LIVV optimizes your lighting modes, curtain and shade settings, intelligently delivers your music, movies and games when and where you want them, and keeps your home low maintenance and fully sustainable. To make it even better, LIVV homes are beautifully crafted for your perfect indoor/outdoor lifestyle by our international team of designers and architects, and built with premium durable materials, making them better in every way - financially, environmentally, and socially.