BurdaForward GmbH

The spirit and soul of BurdaForward is good news: reliable, relevant and, above all, solution-oriented information that we use to support people in their everyday lives. That distinguishes us from other media. We not only report on problems, but also always show ways in which things can be improved in society and in everyday personal life. Our leading brands such as FOCUS Online, CHIP, BUNTE.de or The Weather Channel already inspire more than every second internet user in Germany.  

We believe that we also need new journalistic offerings for these new times. Offers free from old habits. With the latest technology and artificial intelligence, we are already designing the media of tomorrow.  

In order to think new things and create successful products from them, we network beyond departments and areas. More than 800 employees — including journalists, software developers, product managers, data experts, marketing specialists and salespeople all pull together. What connects us is heart, mind and the shared joy of success.