Fr. Meyer’s Sohn (GmbH & Co.) KG

Fr. Meyer’s Sohn is a family-owned global forwarding company. Since 1897 we have taken care of our customers with transport and logistics solutions that add value to their supply chain. We specialize in commodities such as forest, steel, and agricultural products, and offer solutions for ocean freight, airfreight, and truck shipments. We are one of the world‘s top 10 sea freight forwarding companies. We are a medium-sized enterprise. Our 850 transport and logistics specialists enjoy freedom to make their own decisions – they are entrepreneurs within the company. Working with us is uncomplicated – optimizing the supply chains of our customers and ensuring that things run smoothly is part of our daily business. If something unplanned happens, then we adapt to it and offer solutions. Over the decades, through our industry focus, we have acquired profound knowledge of the business areas of our customers. Our employees are passionate service providers – we are happy to take care of things. Data privacy statement: Imprint: