Scalable Capital GmbH

Scalable Capital is a leading FinTech in Europe, bringing people and technology-based investment together. The company was founded in 2014 and has offices in Munich, Berlin and London. For private individuals, Scalable Capital offers digital wealth management and a broker with a trading flat rate. In digital wealth management, the company creates and manages globally diversified ETF portfolios for its clients with sustainable investment strategies when desired. The broker enables private individuals to trade shares, ETFs, Crypto ETPs, funds and derivatives themselves and to set up ETF and stock savings plans. As a fast-growing FinTech, we are constantly looking for new employees and also welcome unsolicited applications: For further information please visit our website: Scalable Capital refers to Scalable GmbH and the affiliated companies. If this online presence contains information regarding capital markets, financial instruments and/or other topics relevant for investments of assets, the exclusive purpose of this information is to give general guidance on the investment services provided by Scalable Capital Limited and Scalable Capital GmbH. Our Privacy Policy can be found here: