We are rethinking legal processes to create a completely new eco-system in the legal world. As one of the leading legal tech providers in Europe, we offer a unique cloud-based claim management system that has fundamentally changed the work environment for lawyers and legal departments through intelligent interfaces, automated workflows, text recognition and text interpretation. Our goal is to automate the handling of legal processes to the maximum, so that law firms and legal departments can significantly increase their current caseload within a short time. This requires an intelligent and flexible legal tech platform that, thanks to the latest cognitive technology, reduces the activities in a law firm or legal department by at least 90 percent. Through process automation, the error rate is reduced while the quality of pleadings and lawsuits increases. In this way, legal service providers can scale up their clients and thus their business volume many times over. One team. One goal. Working with us means thinking in a new way, living our innovative strength and making a big difference. Every colleague contributes decisively to our success with his or her high level of personal responsibility. At the same time, we are in a continuous learning process that leads to ever new productive solutions through constructive and positive cooperation. For this, we are looking for die-hard team players who are ready to take on the biggest challenge in the tech industry.