AppLike GmbH

applike group is the leading company building in the app economy. Our technologies + businesses to cover the full value chain of the mobile apps market. Our companies work independently, but benefit from each others’ technologies and knowledge. We are 4 companies (JustDice, adjoe, Sunday, justtrack) under one roof of applike group. justDice: We build exciting app-discovery products for mobile gamers. With >50 million users we are the global market leader, while still growing rapidly every day adjoe: We build new technologies and ad formats that create a competitive edge for mobile app developers. Sunday: We create and publish extremely engaging and addictive mobile games with smart and player-friendly monetisation justtrack: One-stop software to automate your whole user acquisition process. This would be inconceivable without the 3 developer teams that form the core of applike group. We are 100 percent tech company where everybody is interested in computer science. We are always giving our best to get in touch with the newest technology in order to build the most relevant products. Our mission is to build software with the capability to distribute ads to every mobile device on earth.