Best Secret GmbH

Hello. We’re BestSecret. And we’ll tell you the secret. We are Europe’s most exclusive closed fashion shopping community and are on our way to become the #1 online destination for off-price fashion in Europe. With our diverse team of more than 1,700 international fashion and technology enthusiasts from over 70 countries, we are driven by a passion to create an extraordinary online shopping experience for all of our members. We combine innovation with family tradition. Since our founding 95 years ago, a lot has happened: What began as a wholesale operation has developed over the years into an international fashion company that ships to 26 countries and gives our members access to an unparalleled range of products. BestSecret is about sharing the joy of shopping with friends and belonging to a community that offers you exclusive benefits in many ways. Join us along our exciting journey. We look forward to meeting you. #insidebestsecret #bestsecret