We believe people deserve to know their options and have the best possible coverage. In the German insurance market, bureaucracy can seem unending and information can be scarce. Our aim is to relieve the burden of researching and purchasing insurance policies and give people what they need: honest, simple insurance.
Full time
Feather Berlin, Germany
We’re looking for our first data analyst to join Feather. This is a unique opportunity to build a team in a fast-growing company. We just started with our data journey, and we need someone to lay out a strong foundation for the future. Insurance offers a unique angle on data - the product itself is data. Your insights will help tailor our policies for our customers and create new insurance products. Why apply to Feather? You’ll help us build our data strategy.  Our data department is in its infant stage; So, you’ll not only be responsible for making it grow but also shaping it into the best long-term strategy. We’re in the early stage of growing fast.  You’ll be joining us when the company is still small (~30 people) and you’ll be able to experience its growth (we’ve more than doubled each year). So, this is a very unique opportunity. You’ll decide where to work from.  We are a...