UMI Urban Mobility International GmbH

More than just sharing. What is WeShare and why does it exist? WeShare is a 100% electric car sharing service in Berlin and Hamburg provided by UMI; and UMI is a sub-subsidiary of Volkswagen AG. This means that we not only have good ideas, but also the resources to make them happen. And when it comes to mobility services, we are far from finished. Why we do what we do. Cities are organisms: they grow and change. We want to contribute towards and help shape the future of our cities. Because flexible mobility has the potential to change our lifestyle, we want to move away from ownership towards individual but sustainable mobility. The future is not just shared mobility, it's green. Electric mobility is good for the environment, saves space on our streets and is economical. We believe we’re making cities, and the world,a little bit better. About UMI. UMI Urban Mobility International puts electric vehicles on the road using the sharing principle. But we are so much more: as developers of holistic mobility concepts, we want to make city life better and greener – and appealing to you.