In the future, a car must be more than just a car. More comfortable. Safer. More sustainable. More entertaining. More digital. More connected. For everyone, everywhere. Based on intelligent software and combined with proven German engineering. At CARIAD, we want to rethink the car. For a better tomorrow. CARIAD is the automotive software company within the Volkswagen Group that bundles and further expands the Group's software competencies to transform automotive mobility. Founded in 2020, it develops the leading tech stack for the automotive industry. Around 4,500 engineers and developers around the world are building a new software platform for all brands of Volkswagen Group, which includes a unified architecture, an operating system and automotive cloud. The new software platform will first come to play at the end of 2024. In addition, CARIAD works on outstanding digital automotive features, including ADAS solutions, a standardized infotainment platform, software functions for linking powertrains, chassis and charging technology as well as new ecosystems and digital business models in and around the vehicle. CARIAD operates in software competence centers in Wolfsburg, Ingolstadt, the area of Stuttgart, Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg and Kassel, and is closely co-operating with development teams in Seattle and China. We are CARIAD. We transform automotive mobility. Let‘s build the leading tech stack in the automotive industry together – and create #CodeThatMovesTheWorld. Interested in joining us on this journey? Apply now.