ENERCON. Innovative products – Future-oriented company. ENERCON has been one of the technology leaders in the wind power sector for more than 35 years. As the first manufacturer of wind turbines, the company used a gearless drive concept that is a characteristic of all ENERCON wind turbines. ENERCON is also at the forefront in other areas, such as rotor blade design, control technology, grid connection technology, and, with its wide range of technological new developments, proves its innovative strength time and again. Continual research and development are guarantees of the ongoing success of the company. The same applies to production and service. All the key components, such as the rotor, annular generators and grid feeding system, are manufactured by exclusive suppliers.This ensures the high quality and extreme reliability of ENERCON wind turbines. The product portfolio comprises wind turbines with outputs from 800 to 5.500 kilowatts. The newest model is the E-160 EP5 with a rotor diameter of 160 metres. ENERCON has already installed more than 30.292 turbines worldwide with a total rated power of more than 53.06 gigawatts (as of 08/2020). ENERCON wind turbines have a grid feeding system that is certified to the latest grid connection requirements. They can therefore be integrated without difficulty into all supply and distribution grid structures. True to the company’s claim of «energy for the world», ENERCON is driving forward supply with renewable energies worldwide and is also involved in areas of future technology such as energy storage, e-mobility, and smart grid solutions.In doing so ENERCON is expanding its worldwide activities in line with demand. Internationally, ENERCON has a presence with a global decentralised service and sales network in more than 45 countries. Interested in giving your career a boost? https://www.enercon.de/karriere-portal Imprint: https://www.enercon.de/impressum Privacy policy: https://www.enercon.de/en/privacy-policy/