FAIRTIQ is an innovative mobile ticketing system that makes travelling on public transport easier than ever before. The app allows users to easily check-in and check-out rather than buying a ticket from the driver, at a TVM or a booking office, with all the hassle that that involves.​ At the end of their journey, users are charged the lowest possible price for the actual journey undertaken - whether it is single or multi-leg, or involving more than one operator. Because of low upfront costs, and high customer satisfaction, FAIRTIQ's app offers the perfect solution for all transport companies regardless of size or type.​ The app uses artificial intelligence based bespoke algorithms drawing on many years of experience in public transport and ticketing to build a highly accurate picture of a user’s journey, making the app very accurate and reliable. Available on Apple iOS and all Android versions, FAIRTIQ’s app can be brought into operation quickly and with minimal disruption, as no on-vehicle or on-station equipment is required.