BI Business Intelligence GmbH

Founded in 1998 in a Munich beer garden, BI's mission is enabling customers in the finance, energy and industry sectors to extract relevant information from complex data and to capture their processes digitally. Since our humble start, our software has processed data from more than 750,000 digital metering systems, managed more than 191 billion Nm³ of gas, and generated over 2.5 million reports which provide impactful data for key business decisions. Today, BI is a privately owned software company and data warehouse expert, specializing in managing big data, software products and services with high availability. As an internationally operating platform provider and digitalization partner, we serve our B2B and B2C customers collaboratively every day. At BI, we believe that technology has the power to achieve transparency and simplicity,and we are dedicated to helping our customers master complexity. Why are we thriving? Even with 20 years of experience, we still challenge the technical status quo and embrace iteration as our lifestyle