Manaia Consulting GmbH

On our website we describe in many places what it means to work together with Manaia. But what exactly does Manaia mean? The name Manaia comes from the culture of the Maori, an indigenous people of New Zealand. There the manaia symbol stands for a guardian and protector from impending disaster

Full time
Manaia Consulting GmbH Berlin, Germany
Job Description employment type full time Full job description We've been around since 2006. We currently have a team of seven colleagues and want to grow this to ten to twelve people in the near future. We offer our SAP business intelligence solutions to industrial companies, banks, insurance companies and publishers, to name just a few. You can find us in Berlin by the Müggelsee (very close to the water, and yes, we often sit out on deckchairs by the lake on our lunch breaks). responsibilities We build management reporting systems to collect and evaluate data. The data concerns wind turbines, paper production, housing and much more. We delve deeply into these subject matters because we're not just developers – we're also consultants on anything to do with business processes. Some projects last just a few days, but they usually go on for years. You manage projects alone or in a team, depending...