Get to know the online pharmacy for Europe. As one of the leading online pharmacies in Europe with webshops in seven countries, we make sure that millions of people can rely on us every day when it comes to their health. SHOP APOTHEKE EUROPE is the pioneer in the online pharmacy market in which growth is driven by both the switch from many customers to online retailing and by the continuously increasing demand for prescription and over-the-counter medicines as well as for pharmacy-related beauty and care products. With the acquisition of nu3, a company specializing in functional foods, we have a solid basis to continue our growth story in the future. Let's grow together. We are an international company that is growing rapidly. Our headquarters and logistics centre are located in Sevenum in the Netherlands near the German border. Other locations are in Tongeren (Belgium), Berlin and Cologne, where employees are employed in marketing, sales and IT. We are always looking for new colleagues - people who not only get involved in our international team, but who want to actively take on responsibility and who want to grow together with us as a strong partner.