edding International GmbH

We care so that you dare to be who you are. With everything we do, we at edding want to make a contribution to ensuring that everyone is allowed and able to make their personality, ideas, thoughts and feelings visible. The right to free personal development is what drives us. The edding brand stands for applying color to surfaces of all kinds - from special industrial applications to creative design at home. The Legamaster brand makes communication visible - with visual communication solutions from flipcharts to interactive e-screens. In doing so, we always follow the rapidly changing demands of the users of our products, especially in times of digitalization, because we are nothing more, but also nothing less than the tool that makes visible what you carry inside. In doing so, edding AG combines the professionalism and transparency of a listed group with the long-term orientation and humanistic values of a family business. We have set out to become more consumer-centric and digital, and to contribute to a more open, tolerant world. The company was founded in 1960 by Carl-Wilhelm Edding and Volker Detlef Ledermann. The very first product - the legendary Allround Marker No.1 - became a model for generations of markers. In the meantime, what was once a two-man operation has become a globally active company with around 700 employees and Group sales of 126 million euros (2020). The group's products are now sold in around 100 countries around the world.