myEnso is an online grocery marketplace and one-stop shop for more than 100,000 supermarket products, bringing consumers and manufacturers together for the first time. myEnso was founded in 2016 by Enso eCommerce GmbH in Bremen. The management is shared by Norbert Hegmann (CEO and founder) and Thorsten Bausch (CMO and co-founder). Partners on board include Kantar TNS, Grenzebach, Vollers, Team Neusta and Convivo. The care facilities of the Convivo Group have been supplied with food since May 2017, and myEnso has been available for the first pioneers since the end of April 2018. From 2019 the shop will be open to all customers in Germany. The logistics center of myEnso is the Speicherhof in Bremen, which is being expanded together with the Bremen company Vollers and the Grenzebach Maschinen GmbH.
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myEnso is new and different.   We want to revolutionize the way groceries and drugstore products are bought.   As?   By consistently focusing on people and their wishes and needs.   And from the beginning!   At myEnso, the customer can even become a shareholder - we have founded a cooperative for this purpose.The aim is to enable better and self-determined shopping.   To this end, together with the people in underserved regions of Germany, we are creating a real shopping alternative - our Tante Enso Shops.   In regions with a good coverage of grocery stores, we present particularly sustainable and fair product alternatives - real food pioneers who tell their pioneering story there and thus get a realistic chance in the competition.   Thanks to the product presentation and transparent communication, myEnso customers have a real decision-making alternative - he/she can support the "better" products through purchasing decisions and voting, thus creating a new range...