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Lecturio is aiming to have a sustainable and positive influence on the education system and landscape. Lecturio is an adaptable learning system and therefore adjusts itself to the individual learning speed of its users. It indicates which topics should be revised and which ones can be considered completed in order to achieve the desired learning outcome. All services can be accessed via PC, mobile phone or tablet, including measuring and checking your progress Lecturio offers online courses on a variety of topics. Students and learning enthusiasts gain the opportunity to revise lecture content digitally in addition to their in-class lectures. Professionals can educate themselves in their area of expertise in an affordable way. Companies can offer training seminars (off-the-shelf and custom) to their entire workforce.With a globally accessible selection of topics, learning for an entire life has become as easy as it can get! Lecturers and instructors can use Lecturio to implement new teaching methods and secure a lucrative income without any additional effort.
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Lecturio GmbH Leipzig, Germany
Job Description employment type full time permanent employment Full job description About us Shape the digital future with Lecturio! Thanks to our digital infrastructure throughout, you can support us directly from your desk at home! If you prefer to meet with colleagues in the office, this is absolutely no problem due to our flexible model. With a global team, we work every day to revolutionize digital learning. As an online learning platform and producer of over 10,000 courses in the fields of medicine, law, taxes, software, business and professional development, we are playing a decisive role in shaping the transformation to a knowledge society. Our international knowledge platform (lecturio.com) also supports more than 200,000 students worldwide with medical education content every day. We pursue the mission of making first-class education accessible to learning enthusiasts around the globe. Your tasks Designing and implementing server...