Peagle GmbH

Peagle GmbH was founded in 2013 and has been pursuing an innovative, personality-based recruitment concept from the very beginning. Our goal is to achieve the best possible match for employees and employers. Here, people with their individual strengths and needs always come first. We don't just provide jobs or qualified employees, we create the basis for a healthy symbiosis between work and people. This approach sets us apart from all commercial recruiters. Because in our opinion, the perfect workplace is not just a place to work. At best, it is a place where you feel comfortable. In this way, an employee can exploit their full potential and put their heart and soul into it. And is therefore of lasting value for both sides, both the employer and the employee! In advance, we personally check all cooperating companies. Our motto is: only if a company and its work philosophy convinces us do we take over the support to fill the vacant position. We pass on our good feeling to our applicants and thus lay the foundation for harmonious cooperation.