YOONA Ventures GmbH

YOONA.AI is a B2B Multiverse SaaS Platform, which cuts down digital product creation to only some clicks. The Fashion Industry faces now the biggest revolution and turns into the most profitable business in the world. But only 10 % of the fashion companies are able to create animated digital products. The yoona platforms enables an end - to - end process by analyzing fashion data and creating bestseller digital products in seconds. Yoona.ai is a deep #tech B2B service platform that simplifies the #apparel industry value chain, from idea to production - 3 clicks to #Metaverse & Real Production. Businesses benefit from efficiency, cost reductions, #sustainability, and easy preparation for #digital markets. yoona.ai software uses #AI to analyze data and provides #3d cash cow designs also for #VR Digital Fashion Shows using #AR. This allows fashion companies to save time and costs, while working more sustainably and also provides them with the necessary technology to make the leap towards the metaverse and #digitization. yoona.ai is committed to #innovation; Already launching its own #NFTs & #circularity; Encouraging conscious consumption and driving sustainability - through the #automation of processes thanks to its software & pushing the awareness & progress of the fashion industry through its series of events #yoonaverse (a tech catalyst for fashion & technology conference where #startups #apparelcompanies & #degrowth companies meet & work together towards a "better fashion for a better future").