THIS IS US Getting things moving and finding the best solution is an exciting task. We are meeting this challenge around the globe - day in, day out. CLOSE BY We are there when our customers need us – close to production facilities, close to markets, and close to industries. INTERNATIONAL We provide our customers with comprehensive transportation and logistics services around the world. PROFESSIONAL We have qualified staff, modern technology, and innovative IT solutions to handle complex flows of goods. DEDICATED We take responsibility with a sense of pride and commitment. We adhere to compliance guidelines as a matter of course. CLOSE BY | INTERNATIONAL | PROFESSIONAL | DEDICATED We’re there when you need us, around the world Because we firmly believe that a successful working relationship can only be built on the basis of close, mutual communication, i.e. by listening and talking to each other. Tailor-made logistics solutions Working with our customers, we develop logistics concepts for storage and transportation. Fully customized, across the supply chain We flexibly adapt our logistics services to customer needs. We can either handle the entire supply chain or focus on individual components within it. These might include collecting goods from a supplier and taking possession of them, potentially as part of our buyers’ consolidation service. On request, we will check the quality of the goods, package them, and provide additional services. Thanks to our national and international transportation networks, we distribute quickly, reliably, and punctually – and on a just-in-time basis if so desired – all the way to the point of sale.