Welcome to Wölfel’s world of vibrations, structural mechanics, acoustics and immission control. Are vibrations really everywhere? In short: Yes. Their reduction provides safety, prevents damage and avoids unnecessary costs. That is why Wölfel offers manifold and specific solutions in the form of engineering services, systems or software for practically all industries worldwide. Although we can look back on more than five decades of experience in the service and system industries, we prefer to look toward the future. Our organizational structure with a team of more than 120 employees is aligned with our customers’ needs to help them overcome the ever-changing challenges of our time. Hence the wide range of industries that can rely on specific Wölfel solutions: Our activities include energy management, mechanical and plant engineering,occupational safety, environmental protection, imission control as well as green energy engineering – and we continually discover new fields of activity. All specifications in the Wölfel-Imprint also apply to the present company profile on LinkedIn. Imprint: https://www.woelfel.de/en/imprint/ Privacy Policy: https://www.woelfel.de/en/privacy-policy.html