Appanion Labs GmbH

At Appanion, we are fully committed on pushing global transportation towards a greener, more sustainable and data-driven path. We strive to create new business opportunities for the transport and logistics sector by leveraging machine learning and advanced analytics. We are focusing on improving the service quality and sustainability of operations. Our core product is shipzero, a decision-focused information service to enable calculating, monitoring, and reducing logistics emissions. OUR MISSION Provide convenient solutions and actionable information to reduce emissions from global freight transport OUR MOTIVATION We are convinced that technology will fundamentally change our world in the upcoming years. We can observe the interconnection of all things, the automation of processes, evolving intelligent systems, and the cooperation of individuals and organizations through decentralized networks. Right now, various factors are coming together that enable a whole new level of change. OUR CONVICTION In digital competition, the requirements for establishing successful, innovative products are continuously increasing. The use of technology increases complexity but at the same time opens up previously unimagined potentials to be captured now. OUR VALUES We are technology enthusiast who believe in diversity, flat hierarchies, an open learning culture and the amazing power and creativity that comes from collaboration. At the same time we are highly ambitious and always strive to find the best solution for our partners and clients by setting ourselves the highest goals possible.