THE NEW WORK AGENCY | WE CREATE NEW WORK VALUES We love and live NEW WORK. With INNOVATION, COMPETENCE and HUMANITY, we help you to use the digital transformation in a practical and pragmatic way. We need real added value and lots of benefits. SERVICES We create New Work with: Microsoft 365. Office 365. Power BI. cloud. Hybrid. on-premises. SharePoint. delve planners teams. shifts OneDrive. Skype. To do. forms. OneNote. streaming. Yammer. PowerApps. Flow. Azure. Search... and a lot of Infrastructure. Managed Services. coaching design thinking scrum data factory. Kanban. UI/UX. Customer journeys... and above all with courage, heart and mind. TEAM Our team of #digitalinnovationpunks includes moped mechanics. hobby psychologists. Referee. Hobby DJ. amateur actor. cat lovers. martial artist. individualists. acolyte. mothers. fathers pumper. swedish hobby farmer. soccer fans. hobby photographer. All good guys. Our mission is to make you part of the digital transformation. Take your communication and collaboration to a whole new level with us.