aimpower GmbH

aimpower – the Future of Brand Management With "brainsuite", aimpower brings a unique SaaS platform to the market, which leverages the power of AI and automation to help brands to bring the most effective advertising to life and by this increase their marketing performance and RoI. In the complexity of our world, with so many touchpoints and channels, all marketers struggle to ensure creative quality, cut-through and brand activation. Traditional methodology as consumer research often tends to take too long or is too costly, without delivering actionable results. Making ad testing faster, better and cheaper and creative effectiveness objectively measurable is the holy grail of market research and brand management. “brainsuite” delivers the solution for this, making creative testing super-fast and easy by leveraging automation and AI pipelines that have been trained with millions and millions of human generated data points. The platform offers a unique set of tools to accurately predict consumer perception, brand activation and final impact on consumer behaviour. With results delivered in minutes, it accelerates insights processes and allows to test any creative assets for any touchpoint, from print to video, social to packs and even shelves in real-life and in eCommerce. By simply uploading an ad or a video to the platform, users get a read on all relevant aspects of the creative execution – from attention, over to memorability, branding and emotional response. All aggregated in an easy to digest dashboard. And it can be easily extended by finetuning our pipelines to understand the patterns of individual category and channel specifics. “brainsuite” is available for all major languages and allows for fast global scale. Our vision is, brainsuite becoming the one-stop access for advanced AI-tools in brand management and that it will empower marketers, brand leaders and creative teams across the globe to boost their marketing performance.