Aparkado UG

Everyone knows the overcrowded truck parking lots on the Autobahn. There the trucks are even in the entrances and exits and cannot avoid them. It is estimated that more than 30,000 parking spaces are missing every day, which is why many truck drivers have to park illegally. That was reason enough for us to develop a solution and founded our start-up aparkado in February 2020. We started with an intelligent parking guidance system and tested our prototype with over 80 drivers from 6 countries. In talking to the drivers, however, we noticed that there are other problems that drivers encounter in their everyday lives that we can improve with our platform. Better parking, loading, living. Since then we have been developing a holistic platform for truck drivers under this motto. The trucks. In addition to the parking guidance system, APP includes a rating system for loading ramps and an added-value program for everyday personal and professional life. With the LKW.APP we are pursuing the goal of simplifying everyday work and giving drivers a voice so that working conditions and the image of the profession can be improved.