Alfred E. Tiefenbacher GmbH & Co. KG

We shall set the benchmark for successful independent generic medicine development. What we do, we do right and the passion of our people is our partner’s guarantee. We will at all times provide solutions that exceed best industry practice whilst focussing on commercial value. Patients around the globe will benefit from access to good value medicine that is developed and manufactured in supply chains authorized by Health Authorities in the EU. We call ourselves Tifis (shortened from “Tiefenbacher”) and we take pride in doing our part to improve the health of the world. AET offers its clients tailored support throughout the complete life cycle of a product to secure an in time launch of a competitive product at excellent quality. This enables our customers to keep costs and risks at a minimum while at the same time relying on AET’s professional project setup. •No need to develop and manufacture yourself •Life cycle management •Further adaptation or transfer of supply chain •Launch management •Technical transfer into commercial •QA of added supply chains and adaptation •Local registrations •Territory selection •Portfolio decision •LoI closing – down payment (refundable) •Deal structuring •Final contract closing •Territorial adaptation of FDF (local BE, IP, local stab data …)