HagerEnergy GmbH

As an inverter manufacturer, E3/DC is now the market leader in Germany for grid-connected solar backup power supply. The three-phase DC technology (TriLINK®) developed by E3/DC and the charging systems for electric vehicles ensure maximum levels of self-sufficiency and savings when used in private and commercial properties - especially in the upper power range. In 2018, E3/DC was named "Brand of the Century" by Florian Langenscheidt for the second time in a row. An independent plumber survey conducted by EuPD Research (Bonn) again gave the company a very high recommendation value in 2020. In a customer satisfaction analysis by the institute, E3/DC 2018 achieved a grade of 1.6 for the third time in a row. In April 2019, TÜV SÜD certified customer satisfaction. The ISO 9001-certified company currently employs around 200 people at the Osnabrück, Göttingen and Wetter (Ruhr) sites. Lithium storage systems, inverters, wall boxes and other components are developed and produced in Germany.